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Refinery Planning

Typically there is an economic incentive which is required to operate a chemical plant.  The incentive can be over a period of a few hours, a few days, or as long as a year.  By choosing the best set of operating parameters, we can maximize the profitability of running your plant.  

If a planning model was perfect, the above exercise would be simple.  In practice, many changes occur in the plant making the task of optimization much more complex.

We are available to support you with this activity, in terms of building, auditing, and enhancing those models or developing easy-to-use dashboards to interpret Linear Programming (LP) based planning model results.  Updating the planning model using a combination of plant data and process simulation models using HYSYS, Petrosim is a key expertise which we support.

We specialize in tools such as Aspen PIMS.  

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