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Implementation Service Provider for Aspentech

Aspen Technology provides leading-edge software helps the world’s largest oil and gas, chemical and engineering companies optimize, sustain and run their assets in a safe and reliable manner.  For close to 50 years AspenTech software has been utilized in optimization of design, operation and maintenance of chemical industries.

We have partnered with AspenTech as an Implementation Service Provider for their software and are therefore enabled to develop and support solutions that involve best utilization of AspenTech software.  (

Automation and Digital Transformation

Advanced Digital and Transformation, a company based out of Dammam, Saudi Arabia,  offers automation and digital transformation’s services and technology solutions to the industrial and business sector.  They specialize in Digital Transformation strategy, planning and management, and Manufacturing Operations Management  (MOM)  Solutions.  ADT can provide advanced application development using APC, modeling and simulation, planning and scheduling and OTS technologies.

ADT is a division of AMCL group of companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (

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