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A Bit About Us _

The company has been established by Dr. Hiren Shethna after a distinguished career first at Aspen Technology, and later at Saudi Aramco.  


Dr. Shethna, brings 20+ years experience in process engineering simulation in the process industry.  While at AspenTech, he made significant contributions to AspenTech's simulation software, especially HYSYS and Refsys as well as integration among products such as HYSYS and PIMS. 


Further, at Aramco, he was involved in advanced process simulations of most Aramco oil and gas and refinery facilities using HYSYS and Aspen Plus.  He also worked extensively on refinery and multi-refinery PIMS models based operations as well as new investment optimization projects at Saudi Aramco.  He participated in key new process development activities such as SuperButol  and Crude-to-Chemicals technology.   


Under his leadership, Anukoolan can support your organization by providing various forms of leading-edge optimization in your processes to significantly improve your top and bottom line economics.  


We can assist in developing your workforce so that you can achieve higher levels of sophistication in your process performance.

We are recognized by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, at Government of India as a Startup company.  Our DPIIT# is DIPP53755


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